Had a few hours in the garage earlier and did a few jobs.

Replaced the HID lights with LED's. Removed the HID loom as the relay had failed one side. Therefore have the HID lights and ballasts spare - they all work but you will need to add your own loom - think you can buy them off eBay quite cheaply.


Also replaced one of the original horns with a Nautilus so have an original horn spare.


And finally my rocking horse finally took a laxative.....well not quite but I do have bag of Edelbrock plastic bolts. Think there are 10 from the valve covers and 12 from the air filter - the airfilter bolts have the same head but an additional ridge on the bolt which could be easy removed if you want them all for the valve covers. So 22 in total! Happy to split as I know how hard these are to find.


I will have a look at prices but they are not really worth anything to me as all replaced so make me an offer or ask me for a price.