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    Toyota 1UZ-FE (and other projects) at Retropower

    For the growing band of Toyota 1UZ-FE enthusiasts the link below may be of interest. It is to a new build project on the Retropower website using a 1UZ-FE engine in a Toyota Landcruiser. Sounds like they will be doing what a number of us have done in our builds, i.e. converting to manual transmission and removing most of the modern ancillaries to simplify the engine.

    On a related matter they also renovated a Mk.1 Ford Escort for Gordon Murray (link below) and the build is well worth watching - bit like Project Binky but more professional and not quite as much humour.

    Hope they may be of some interest to you.

    Take care,

    Toyota Landcruiser Build

    Gordon Murray's Mk.1 Escort
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    The 1UZ has become the 'new Rover V8' - a very popular engine for all sorts of projects.

    Myles D-W

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