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    I really believe it all depends on where you go.
    Gillingham and one of the ones further North that some AKs have been tested at have an issue on triangulation.
    My Crendon tested at Gillingham is the only Crendon that needed the seat belt pillar triangulated: 48 cars before me, and several since - no issues at other test centres.
    They also failed me on using Merlin Motorsport seat belt spreaders - had to make much larger ones, but you don't need them on a Sumo anyway.
    My Sumo passed SVA at Gillingham in 2007, as did many others, and no seat belt issues. Down to individual interpretation of the rules. Worth speaking to Pilgrim though.
    The wording in IVA bible states mounting for seat belts must be 'TRIANGULATED AND BRACED', I suspect the T type support was indeed supplied by Pilgrim when build started over 5 years ago.
    I have sent email to Pilgrim tech support (John) as reception were very polite but unable to answer my question.
    I was hoping they might have a triangulated frame now as an uprated part to avoid having to make one myself.
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