Long time, no speak.....

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Hello hello, is there any one there? Hi to you all, hopefully you are, and continue to be, well and have managed to adapt and change to the very different world we are currently in. “What’s this?” you say. “A club newsletter!” Well, yes. We have (as no doubt everyone else) been hunkering down and adjusting to a different way of watching time go by. In this new world, we, obviously, haven’t been hooning about here and there in the cobra and have turned our attention to ‘home’ type jobs and projects. We are now inundated with beans and courgettes and the long-forgotten Triumph Spitfire languishing hidden in the back of the garage has had time and effort lavished on it. More of that below. The grand old Dax has had an occasional engine start to shuffle out of the garage to allow the aforementioned Spitfire to emerge, shyly, into the daylight but, apart from that, has not seen any road action. Perhaps that can be rectified this month? For last month’s low-key opening meet, Guy Beston and Andy Soar popped along to the Starwing Brewery Tap House. Here’s Guy’s report - Sunday was a bit grey to start off but having listened carefully to the weather forecast I took a chance and dragged the mighty blue car from its enforced slumber and thrashed it up the A140 to Bressingham to see Andy Soar.
Due to the “virus”, farming duties and farm machinery maintenance was much in view (the yard outside the workshop of AS motorsport is now resplendent with new concrete pads and drainage). Having been shown a lot of new civil engineering by Andy, the, new to the fleet, Chevrolet pickup was brought blinking into the sunlight so that a leisurely drive to Redgrave could be enjoyed.
As we passed the local pub, we were able to wave to the Mustang owners club, who must have been out for a Sunday meet like us. There were quite a few cars both old and new glinting in the sunlight, but we pressed on to the “pop up” pub at the Starwing brewery further along the road.
This is a brewery and a bakery which is part of a working farm. There was a big car park and, in the field next to it was the “pub” in a marquee. Lots of seats set at the appropriate social distance, bails of straw with small empty barrels of beer to act as tables.
Inside with drinks on the go were Sandra and Mark Bright who were having a “run out” from home to see some other cobra people. Quite a few topics were covered before they had to return to home duties including the pro’s and cons of electric cars. (Tip - Vintage voltage on Quest is worth a look)
Andy and I then had a drive home along some country roads which are slightly less travelled. The weather came good and a really good day with cobra friends! Hope to see a few more next month.
Guy Beston”
Many thanks Guy.

We mentioned the aged Spitfire earlier. Eileen has owned the car since 1981. Sadly, due to other priorities, the poor old girl has slowly deteriorated in the back of the garage. Well, although Government Guidance didn’t mandate car restoration, that is what we’ve been up too. The body has been separated from the chassis, and all the running gear has been refurbished and revitalised. Then the refreshed body was reunited with the shiny chassis and the rolling shell is currently away for some Triumph Pimento Red to be applied. The engine is currently in bits in the garage and then the slow rebuild of the car will begin. Hopefully, the wheels will be turning with 71 rampant horsepower by the end of the year.

… and so, to this month’s (socially responsible distancing) meet on Sunday 16th August at 12:00. The venue sounded promising last month, and a sensible choice given the current guidance. So let’s return to the taproom marque at Starwing Brewery, Unit 6, Hall Farm, Church Road, Redgrave, Suffolk, IP22 1RJ
Details here – https://starwingbrewery.com/the-tap-room/
See you there.
We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
If youhave a recommendation or a favourite venue or know of any worthwhile events in 2020, please let us know. We’ll continue to watch the political and scientific barometer with respect to the pandemic and keep you abreast of meets.