I have a set of longer wheel studs for the Jaguar XJ40 front hubs (Extra 7mm longer thread than the standard wheel stud CAC4556). They suit the AK Cobra Gen II when combined with their big brake option and (Image Wheels) Halibrands where the standard studs finish (short) inside the end of the wheel nut. I’ve replaced my standard studs with one set and have another set of 10 available.

They are ½" UNF x 53mm.

Sorry, they aren’t cheap as they were specially commissioned and certified (a copy of which will be provided with the studs). 10 Studs - £138.50 plus postage (weight approx. 650g).

Longer Wheel Studs.JPG

Attached picture shows the new studs next to one of the originals.

PM if interested - I've only got one set though.