It’s an early kit. Very wide transmission tunnel as the inner tub and tunnel changed around 2006.

Old style dash and rover sd1 steering column mounts.

Has non power steering rack and engine mounts on chassis are for rover.

Also roll bars will be further inwards than they are now so not inline with drivers heads.

A lot of this can be changed and the car built to be a very nice example. In my opinion I would change the engine mounts for Chevy, sell the rover to offset a new Chevy engine purchase and retro fit power steering. Also update the dash and steering column to suit the later bmw column

Ok this will cost you a bit more in time but not much more in terms of money than building it as a rover car, but the difference is you will have a Chevy powered car at the end that reflects your build cost rather than a rover powered car that you would struggle to get your build cost back on.

Allow around £30k to get it on the road from this point and you won’t be far away.