Ladies and Gents

It has become apparent that over the past few months if not years that life has been a bit shit to put it bluntly. So in order to help lighten the mood of life and hopefully give everyone a much needed boost we have decided to hold a Garage/North East mini meet at my gaff.

Some of the north east group are currently off the road due to maintenance and general fiddling with things they probably wished they had not started, however if you need a fix of V8 or Cobra chat you are more than welcome to attend.

Please just message me if you want the address details to come and join in. I’m based just outside of Stanley, County Durham. And we shall be meeting this Sunday 4th July.

This will be an outdoor meeting with plenty of access to hand cleaning facilities if required along with copious amounts of tea/coffee and a cheeky bacon butty chucked in for good measure. I would please request that we don’t all exchange bodily fluids with the current pandemic situation….. and i know that will be a disappointment for a few of you, but that is just how it will have to be irrespective if you have been vaccinated or not.

I have amply outside space for vehicles and people, along with pop up gazebo for social distancing shelter from any unruly weather, along with a couple of garages to hide in….. after all this is British summer time.

Kick off around 11:00 (the snacking hour) and stay as long as you want…. Within reason (a week or more might be pushing it with the missus)

Come and set the world to rights, see you then!!