Dear all,
had some on going issues with my Mallory distributor so I bought an MSD pro billet from summit. The Mallory had a vacuum advance so I made sure the MSD had one... however.. I just can’t get it to run properly ..
the mallory was connected to the manifold/timed vacuum.. ie the LH side of the carb on the lower side, had vac on idle. This didn’t seem right but it worked, however the MSD instructions say connect of the ported side which is on the RH side slightly higher and only has vacuum when the throttle is used.. this makes much more sense..
well.. when setting the btdc initial/idle timing at 14deg as per the Mallory, the car back fires and doesn’t run under throttle when the vac is connected. Vac is disconnected and capped off when setting initial timing.
If I set the initial timing and the connect the vac from the timed outlet ie the LH side it just hunts and almost stalls...
the car runs fine with the vac disconnected on idle, and even when out for a drive it drives well but not great at low speeds, hence the need for the vac...... any ideas??