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    Selling my Southern Roadcraft Cobra

    Hi all,
    its been a while since i have written anything on here, obviously i still look at the forums and take interest in what going on in the Cobra world but after a period off long term mulling over and realisation i have decided to part with my Southern Roadcraft Cobra and was wondering about realistic values for it.
    I have found my enthusiasm has been waning over the last year or more and from me just pushing her out of the garage onto my drive to start her up it feels a shame it does not have a new owner with the same love, enthusiasm, and interest i had from my childhood for wanting one and me eventually getting one of these beautiful cars. I wish i still had the buzz its just not there anymore and with other projects i`ve concluded now is a good time for me to find her a new owner.
    So i have been the owner since 2009 of this SRV8 which its original owner had built, no expense by Southern Roadcraft themselves 1995/1999, every piece of documentation, bills, receipts i have, correctly registered as a Southern Roadcraft Cobra 1981, and so is now eligible for being Tax and MOT exempt.
    Engine is a Roadcraft Chevrolet 350 cu in engine with Edelbrock performer RPM for 420HP Package with Tremec 5 speed manual ,Stainless steel headers into 4" Classic Chambered white side pipes,Deep blue metallic with off-white stripes and roundalls, Compomotive 16" split rims,BF Goodrich 245/50 front, 275/50 rear,Black leather interior, black carpets, 17 inch Mota Lita woodrim steering wheel, Single Stainless roll bar and more. I took it off the road and put it on SORN a few years ago to do some more to it, Flame Thrower Electronic Ignition System, new front Ventilated/grooved front disks, calipers, pads and lines,remote rear brake bleeders, Oil cooler, i have other bits in my garage to put on it.
    Well theres basically where i`m at and seeing if theres a likely candidate who can give my Cobra a new lease off life its a shame as i said not to see it with another loving owner, i have also have Utube footage of her under Gary Mottershead, any question dont hesitate to contact me by PM,

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    Don't do it Gary - summers on the way, events are starting up again

    On another note, are you sure you've a 17" steering wheel? that's huge i'm surprised you can get in the car if so.

    Conny - A Carnival Red Metallic (paint code Ref: Jag CGG/1811) Southern Roadcraft V8 ( SRV8 ) with 383ci stroker chevy.

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    Hi Gary,

    I'm interested in your Cobra if it's still for sale?

    Can't PM for some reason, please give me a call when you get time.

    07458 300 177

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    Sounds like a wicked vintage look, when I was looking it would have fitted the bill perfectly. You won’t have much trouble getting 35k for it I’m sure.. good luck

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    Hi Gary can you advise is the car still for sale please? Kev 07736 101553

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