I blame KevinW for the title of this, he keeps talking about hoses.. anyway, moving on!

I've been trying to figure out how best to route the heater hoses from the front of the engine around to the heater spigots protruding from the end of the passenger footwell. Generally I've tried to keep as much wiring & hose out of view as possible (tucked under the lip of the body etc) but on these I'm struggling a little - 16mm ID hose is pretty hefty OD, for a start!

So .. anyone care to show me how they've routed the heater hoses? In particular I'm thinking about the requirement to secure them to the engine and/or body (depending on route) and whether I go for a big 'loop' around the engine bay or try and reverse their direction and go straight across the front from left to right (driver to passenger side). Bonus points if your picture is of an FE as you'll have the same outlets as me.. for reference, I have one outlet at the front of the inlet manifold, pointing toward the drivers side, and one outlet on the water pump.. also pointing toward the drivers side.