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    PCV valve - I think I have solved my issue

    Hi All

    Just thought I would share this with any of you who are having issues with PCV valves. I have an RV8 4.6l etc but I could never quite get it to run smoothly at low revs (below 2k) in third or forth gear. I appreciate it has a performance cam (MC1) but I just wanted it to run a little bit better.

    I had an Edelbrock PCV valve on the engine, it worked and did the job of a PCV valve but I felt that it was causing a bit of a vacuum leak at the low revs etc. As the engine is modified there is no specific PCV value for it so it is hit and miss if you get the correct valve. I therefore did some searching on the net and I found these guys who have developed an adjustable PCV valve. I am sure others have also produced adjustable valves but these guys were given good reviews. Not cheep and have to get it from the States. However, I bit the bullet and bought one. I have fitted it today as you can see from the photos. The pipe goes via an oil can and then to the PCV valve at the base of the carb.

    Anyway I set it up per the instructions, which are very straight forward and then took the car for a test drive and it went really well and and the engine runs smooth at low revs in third and fourth gear. So far I am impressed.

    Hope the above is of help.


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    AK Gen I - 4.6l Rover V8, Stage III heads, MC1 cam
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