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    No Green Light only RED - Canems

    I am asking for advice about why my Canems ECU does not show a green light when turning over the engine and proceed to start the car.
    It only has solid red light.

    My understanding is, the Canems unit is dependent on sensors and good earths. Until it senses TDC on the CrankShaft sensor it will not allow starting.
    When it senses this, then Red light on ECU will turn Green and proceed to fire.

    My earths are solid metal on metal and perfect. Redone so many times. Good earth at battery. Engine block good earth to chassis. Canems good earth to engine block.
    All the sensors are nice solidly clicked in. Crankshaft sensor is good, knock sensor at the bottom is good. The Cam sensor at the front is held in with a 10mm bolt which is also tight.

    Maybe a sensor is duff. I get the car to occasionally start after a few days redoing everything and its awesome. But then randomly will not start for days.

    Appreciate any advice,
    AK Cobra - LS3

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    Well, i am not sure why i didnt twig this before, but I guess you always think a plug is securely connected once clicked in.

    So I pushed and prodded and unclicked the connections to knock and crankshaft sensor, and what d'ya know, the ecu flashed green\red, but engine didnt quite catch prob due to being flooded.

    Anyway, took crank shaft plug out,squeezed the female connections\holes a little tighter, and plugged it all back in. Waited 20 mins, and then tried starting.
    It started within a second and ran beautifully.

    Dave from Canems then rang (terrific support I must add, for the last year), and we threw around this plug issue and he confirmed, if ECU RED then the very first thing its waiting for it the crank shaft sensor. If no signal then no green light.
    He is sending me another plug and terminals, just in case I want to swap it out, but right now. Very happy.
    AK Cobra - LS3

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