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Thread: Cooling system

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    Do you guys run a pressurised system ?

    Mine runs a 302 V8 and although is has a radiator cap it doesn't do anything other than for filling the system as it has a separate hose connection from the top radiator pipe to the bottom of the header expansion tank. So it runs at atmospheric pressure and sometimes I hear it boil briefly by the time I've spent a couple of minutes reversing down my drive to my garage and opening the garage doors etc if I forget to manual turn the fans on. (Mine doesn't currently have the auto fans temperature sensor/switch)

    I recall reading somewhere that the radiators last longer when not run under pressure on our Cobra's ?
    1985 Fiero Factory Euro 427, 5L V8 Ford 302 Mustang Engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don347 View Post
    Our Pilgrim is Chevy engine and I replaced the old Sierra radiator 18 months ago with a new one from these guys:-
    I sent them the old rad as a pattern.
    However as the new rad 50mm it wouldn't slide over the top of the chassis.
    I cut an access hatch into the offside inner wheel arch and withdrew the rad from there, slid the new one in, very easy.
    This also gave easy access to three of the four rad-hose connections.
    Top brackets were home made.
    Twin fans were fitted by Coolex and I fitted a twin sensor fan switch to stage the fan switch on, don't think it's ever got hot enough (in UK driving this year) to switch the second fan on.
    I bought replacement hoses from Pilgrim, but had so much trouble with them ballooning up, that I went and bought a selection of blue silicon hoses and fitted them instead, no trouble with them.
    Coolant is 50/50 mix of distilled water and orange anti freeze.
    Hope this is of use.
    Regards, Don
    Hi Don ,
    I see that you use the orange anti freeze, hopefully you will be ok with it.
    The anti freeze that I use is of the blue verity for the old V8's that we use,
    the orange stuff is normally used on the more modern engines .
    Others will probably give their input on this subject.
    The mix that I have always used is 40 % antifreeze and 60 % distilled water,
    gives better cooling in the summer, don't see the need for anything stronger
    in our country.


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