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    Quality Control of Parts and Parts in Kits

    I was thinking today of all the parts that came with my kit that were defective in one way or another.

    First was the radiator. It had a small pinhole in it. Very slow leak so I never noticed it for a while. I fixed it by soldering it.

    Next was the heater core. Another pinhole, but much larger. Seemed to result from the pointy end of one of the sheet metal screws puncturing the core. Again, repaired with solder.

    Then there was the electric fan. Plastic blades and centralized motor on a plastic frame. Blades would hit part of the frame when rotating. I repaired it by adding some shim washers here and there under the motor. Darned thing was Made In Canada too!

    One of the wire harness connectors under the dash had too many wires going into a single socket and they pulled out easily. Minor electrical repair where I added a connector external to the original one for the extra wires.

    The green light on the dash that flashes with the indicators when they are on sometimes didn’t work. I can’t remember exactly what the problem was now, but I think I had to bend a contact in the bulb holder to fix it.

    Speaking of indicators, the flasher unit stopped working. Taking it apart I found the contacts weren’t quite mating and a little tweak fixed it.

    Then there were parts that did not come with the kit, like the starter motor. It was a factory rebuilt unit that would often spin without engaging the flywheel. That turned out to be a bad ground for the starter’s throw-out winding (a Ford thing way back then). Yep, they painted the frame and then riveted the ground wire to the frame. Due to the paint, the connection was intermittent… usually OK when cold, but no-go when warm. I drilled the rivet out, tapped the hole and used a SS machine screw. Was fine after that.

    No doubt there’s more things I should mention, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

    Anyone else like to share some disappointment with new parts that didn’t work properly?

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    I can relate to that. Nothing specific - just generally. Aftermarket stuff is usually shit. In fact, when it's not shit, I'm massively impressed. Sad state.
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    Caught out in a downpour a few weeks ago. N/S front indicator is now out. Not sure why - wiring looks fine, so presume water got in and shorted bulb?
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