HI All,

I've just clicked together the Canems loom onto my LS3 which seems pretty intuitive.

However....I'd like to tests run the engine at some point soon and am struggling with a couple of things.

The Canems loom has the two GD body loom plugs as part of the system and Im struggling to find anywhere obvious to connect an ignition and starter switch. Its possible that I may need an additional body loom but having looked at others, it seems not.

I have bought an aftermarket ignition switch and starter button from Amazon with a relay to use.

In addition, I was also looking at connecting up a an oil pressure gauge and possibly water temp and oil temp for the start. I have ETB gauges and and have fitted the pressure sender unit and adapter in place of the original LS3 one. The canems loom has come with a wire marked OILP which I assume is Oil pressure but Im unsure as to where this goes and if the gauge should be fitted on the same terminal.

I've not connected the battery to anything yet but had planned to take the batt negative to a point on the chassis and connect the ECU loom to it and then take a lead direct from the batt to the starter, then connect the ECU loom to the battery. its where the ignition and starter go.

There are no diagrams or instructions with what I have, hence the questions.

Anyone else with a GD, LS3 and Canems out there??

Vehicle electronics are totally not my strong point and am worried about frying stuff!