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    2 in a day in High Wycombe

    My day was made as I was driving around Wycombe. A really nice looking White with blue stripes Cob (I didn't have time to look too much as the roadworks lights changed but think it might have been an AK) going down Desborough Avenue at around 11am then a lovely Blue with white stripes (GD? as I think it had underslung exhausts) going round the Handy Cross roundabout at around 1pm.......the last three digits of the reg were EZZ.

    Great that there are more Cobs than I thought in and around Wycombe.......hopefully to be joined in the not too distant future by Greg with his GD Mk4 well under construction in Tetsworth and re-joined with my GD Mk3 now I have the repaired chassis and body back from GD and armed with new parts from the Beaulieu autojumble.

    Now I have a busy time over the winter putting my GD back together and targetting an MOT in late spring.


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    I had mine out today, took a rare visit to the office in Newbury….dry weather, threat of sunshine - lovely little drive out.

    GD Mk3 Jag based
    Supercharged LS1
    GD J1M

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