I am going to replace the corroded thermostat housing on my SBC, with a Billet Aluminium “Swivel” type housing and noticed that they come in a choice of various outlet angles. So while looking at my current setup, I noticed that the hose from the housing goes up hill and them back down to the “header tank” connection, which I have never liked as the “high point” could trap air.

So my question is ,should I take this opportunity to get rid of this “high point” and have the hose leave the housing horizontally, and then down towards the header tank ,which I could achieve by fitting a 90 degree housing ?.

The cooling system on my car works well ,but some people have commented on the fact that the hose leaving the housing is quite easy to compress and does not appear to have any water pressure and that my header tank and its connection is below the level of the housing, as not being ideal. , is this something I should be concerned about?