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    Using Tin-Top MAF Sensors to Balance Carbs

    I thought I'd pop up a quick post about an experiment I'm trying.

    Using the hosepipe-and-ear technique, I roughly balanced the SU carbs on my Rover V8 once I had it running but I've been thinking about something more scientific.

    As far as I can tell, the SUs don't have vacuum ports for balancing like my Weber DCOEs do and I didn't like the idea of the carb balancer(s) that you stick in the trumpets and move from carb to carb.

    So, I bought a couple of cheap used MAF sensors off ebay. I went for the "Bosch 0 280 218 119" variety because they were less than £10 each, about the right size and I could find a datasheet for them.

    Progress so far is that I've hooked them up to power (12v and ground) and a 5v reference, then used two analogue ports on an Arduino Nano to take readings and graph the MAF sensor outputs (one red, one blue).

    The units include air temperature sensors but I haven't bothered hooking those up yet.

    I thought there might be slight variations between MAF sensors, especially as they were second hand, but the graphs seem to show that they are very close indeed.

    I connected them one after the other so that they should read exactly the same and used the vacuum cleaner to simulate a few "pulls".

    I just need my flywheel back from the workshop now so that I can start the engine again and try this in anger.

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