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    Hi Everyone,
    I to have an AK Cobra and i also found the fuel gauge reading was completely useless (it was all over the place) so I went down the road of DTS but fitting it required a new hole in the tank 5 bolts instead of 6 as the float arm needed!!!!!, I rapidly " processed" the DTS into the skip, I Installed a Spyda system about 5 years ago and it works BRILLIANTLY it takes a while to get it right but after several phone calls to Chris at SPYDA it was sorted!!!!, perhaps you need to try this before you get too P***** Off with your present system and you end up throwing across the workshop floor!!!!!!,

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    I have purchased the Spyda gauge wizzard MK4 and I'm currently installing it, well making up a wiring loom to make sure I can reach it without having to remove the dash.
    Will see what happens in the long run.

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