Hi all - Having built and disposed of a Dax 7 years ago, I chanced upon what looks like a very good RAM at a decent price, which got me thinking about getting one again. I looked it all over and was very happy with the condition and then I sat in it.....Unlike the Dax there was much less room, especially in the footwell. At 6'2" tall my left knee was wedged up against the steering wheel, meaning I cannot move my foot off the clutch without a good degree of discomfort. This in turn hampers my use of the brake pedal as my two feet are jammed together. This wasn't an issue in the Dax and I'm not that tall anyway. Is this a problem with certain makes of cobra? Is there anything I can realistically do as otherwise I would have bought it? (Seat won't go back further, can't make the steering wheel any smaller...)
Thanks all,
(disappointed) Gopper