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    Manuel, he say:

    Bolts used in structural areas should be of grade 8.8 or better. Such bolts will be marked 8.8 or 12.9 on the hexagonal head, however, cap-headbolts or 7/16" ( 11mm ) UNF seat belt anchorage bolts (with an anodised finish) not marked in this way may normally be considered to be ofequivalent strength. Bolts should be M8 or larger.
    Seat belt anchorage points must comply with the strength and locationrequirements of Directive 76/115 EEC, or to an equivalent safety standard
    Which is a tad contradictory to the IVA manual, because that EEC directive says:
    4.5.1. A belt anchorage shall have a threaded hole of 11 711 mm (7/16) 20 UNF 2B

    That's a very long way of saying Kev is probably right - there's a chance an IVA centre might only accept 7/16 UNF bolts. That directive is from 1975, btw!
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    Hi All,

    Luckily I've used 7/16 UNF grade 5 bolts for the seatbelt fixings. I'm hoping it will get the thumbs up come test time, fingers crossed.

    Merry Christmas all

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