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Thread: Help with sale

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    Help with sale

    I have a Dax Cobra which I would like to sell in the new year. My partner and I are both in our mid 70s and are struggling to get in and out of the car now, especially my partner who suffers from arthritis.
    The car is a Dax de Dion built 2010 LS2 powered 400bhp fuel injected with a T56 6 speed box and 7200 miles on the clock, very nicely finished in iridium silver(no stripe)
    outboard discs, stainless side pipes, ceramic coated headers, tonneau cover and soft top.
    I would like some opinions on how much to ask for it as I would like to sell it reasonably quickly it has been suggested to me a figure of about 42k would be about right but this sounds a little high to me.
    Can anyone suggest the simplest method of posting photos of the car into this forum bearing in mind that I am not good with I.T.
    Thanks & regards.

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    Hi Harrison
    I think you really need to ask yourself if you have to sell quickly because you’ll take a big hit during the winter especially over Christmas when folks have got other things on their mind and other expenses. Sounds like a nice car but at the moment the market is going to be more restricted. Even dealers won’t want to have money tied up in it until next year…unless it’s a giveaway price. Hang on if you can to max out.
    Sorry can’t help with photos. I think the easiest way is with a third party hosting site which I personally don’t like. Good luck in whatever you choose to do though.

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    Dek is right about timing. I use Imgur (external hosting) for pictures. If you get stuck let me know and I or someone else on here could probably post them for you. Not sure about price, but others will be able to help on that I'm sure.
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    Hi Harrison,

    Happy to host and post the photos for you, will send you a message with my details.

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