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    Fitting Wing Mirrors - Positioning

    Hello Everyone,

    Please can anyone give me some guidance on positioning\hole drilling position for the round single hole mirrors commonly seen on Cobra's.

    They are the same as the ones listed halfway down on this page:

    I am particularly interested in a position that will not hinder wind wings on a brasscraft screen,
    Thank you
    AK Cobra - LS3

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    I’ve drilled and fitted mine pretty much in line with the photo you listed on the AK website. I have a brasscraft screen and wind wings.

    if you want it for looks, I would fit them, if you want to see behind you then I would seriously reconsider because you will get a great view of the rear arch but little else. And as for the passenger side ………

    most useful mirror in a cobra, at least topless is the centre mirror, if you can get one that doesn’t vibrate. If you want to fix functioning side mirrors than look to the IVA friendly items either long arm wing mounted - ugly in my opinion, or windscreen piller mounted which are less ugly.

    you do use you ears more to ‘see’ what’s on your off side and a quick look over your shoulder is usually all that’s needed

    RamSC 351 Cleveland

    on the road 20 years- nearly finished

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    Thanks Roger, I have done the same position,
    AK Cobra - LS3

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