An area of infrequent discussion re:Trimming is the area under the boot. I have recently fitted the Body to my Sumo and I have made an attempt to tidy the boot area up with the use of a timber frame and chip board. The idea being to try and make the boot internals squarer to make it easier for carpeting. I also wanted to create underfloor storage for a Power amp and the many emeregency break down tools I envisage having to lug around...

My question to y'all is 2 fold. firstly, how have you finished the boot space off in your cars (painted? Pilgrim Carpet set? Custom carpet set?) and secondly What tools do you carry in case of a roadside breakdown (apart from the AA card and mobile )

I went to the Detling show this weekend and found a number of Sumo's lined up - But the owners were not present to ask for a sneak look in the boot - After a few hours of show going I went for another walk around the 'car park' to witness half the Cobra section of the car park roar off. I now have a new sense of urgency to finsish my own build! great stuff

Dan 'Were all these nuts used before' Man