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    Sports & GT Challenge Series

    There is a Sports & Gt race including Cobras etc on Sunday 27th June as part of a 750 Motor Club event at Brands Hatch circuit in Kent.

    Any of your Cobrateers fancy going ? ?

    If so we could all meet & park up at the rear of Druids Bend or if allowed on the South Bank slope adjacent to Druids at around 11:00am.

    For details see:-

    Magnum MkI
    Still looking for the Last Open Road ! ! !

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    Re: Sports & GT Challenge Series

    There are several meetings throughout the year at different circuits for this series. All of the details can be found at

    It is a great series to watch and some great cars with people that love to talk about them. Always a good place to pick up some ideas about car handling and performance


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    Re: Sports & GT Challenge Series

    Hmmm...I have to say it has always been on my mind to participate in this once the GD is finished.

    Not sure how much time/commitment is needed. Being based in Ireland a trailered situation is likely a must or I could end up stranded in the UK etc.

    My main question is how extreme a configuration is needed to be competitive in this class?

    My GD Euro has a 383 stroker with 420hp/420lb torque. It has the race steering rack and brakes so I am hoping that unless I am a complete dipstick as a driver it should suiffice?

    GD Euro #51, brought from damp and rainy Tipperary to Florida

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