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    Speedo cable drive

    My speedo does not work, and on closer inspection, I have found that the inner drive cable from the Tremec gearbox to the instrument does not rotate. The cable housing fits into the box, but am I missing a worm drive or something! Help!


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    RE: Speedo cable drive


    Yes there should be a small worm drive on the end of the cable that fits into the gearbox well there was one on mine before I changed my speedo for an electronic one

    Hope that helps,


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    RE: Speedo cable drive

    Funnily enough my speedo cable just packed in. My box is also a Tremec. I replaced the cable (which had chewed itself up and snapped) and it still doesn't work. Have just discovered the plastic gear that drives the cable in the Box was also chewed where the cable slides into it. Got a replacement from Real Steel.

    While we're on the subject of Tremecs. Mine is a 3550 and has done 7k miles in four years. Last year I started to get real problems shifting from, 2nd to 3rd. It slowly started to get worse with problems getting into all gears and down shifting. After double checking clutch clearance I pulled the box out and sent it down to competition transmission services. They stripped the box down and rebuilt it where they discovered the thing had been assembled wrong in the factory. EEEEEK..... Problems where shaft bearings way over preloaded (they re shimmed them) and 3rd/4th syncro assembly was assembled wrong. I do remember thinking the input shaft was a bit hard to turn when I first got the box but who would have guessed ?? When I got the box back the input shaft spins with two fingers. The box is transformed and the gearshift is excellent as it should have been in the first place.

    CTS only charged 95 plus VAT for their trouble. A bargain. I can't recommend them highly enough.


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    RE: Speedo cable drive

    Thanx you both. I have since found out that RealSteel did not supply me with the plastic worm drive in the first place. I've had to pull the carpet, transmission tunnel etc. Not happy!

    Your story is interesting about the 3550, i'm furiously trying to remember now, if mine span easily! And the price sounds really good too!


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