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    Ford 351W to Tremec mounting plate

    Can anyone explain the purpose of the plate that fits behind the flywheel that is then sandwitched between enging and bell housing? My 351W had an auto box and the plate that came with it doesn't quit fit correctly. It lines up with both the engine dowels and the engine to gearbox bolts, but the plate passes across the starter motor position thus preventing the fitting of the starter. Is there any way I can modify the plate or do I need to source a new one?
    BTW - Picked up my chassis from DAX on Saturday, itching to get going.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Brian H

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    RE: Ford 351W to Tremec mounting plate

    It sounds like you are describing the dirt shield that keeps water and muck out of the bell housing, clutch plate and release bearing. I suggest you make a template out of cardboard/fibreboard from the original auto box item then trim it to accommodate the starter and transfer the cut out back onto the original item which you can then trim/file. If you completely bog it it is easy enough to make up a pattern item from aluminium sheet using a jigsaw.

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