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    Front indicator ground height

    I have just checked my front indicator lens ground height and they are lower than the 350 mm for the IVA test. I have wound up the Gaz struts
    and improved the height, however i would need to keep winding up the lower collar a fair bit more, this compresses the spring and raises the body, looking at earlier articles some people have got round this by painting the lower half of the lens, the question is do i keep on winding or paint the lens, if I paint the lens and it passes do i then need to get replacement lenses. If i keep jacking the lower collar this must increase
    the stiffness of the ride which could be a problem.
    I cant see what the purpose of this 350 mm height for indicators achieves, but i suppose rules are rules.
    Any recommendations wecome

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    If you keep compressing the spring then eventually the shock will be at full travel and the ride height won't increase.

    I believe plenty of people paint their lenses; I assume they use something water soluble or remove it using thinners, etc.
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    Paint has to be done well in order for no light penetration. I simply used tin foil on the inside of the lenses and that was fine. But more than one way to skin a cat.

    I was very conscious of presenting a final product at my IVA as opposed to a blatant “this will be removed when i get home” attitude.

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    I put tape on the inside on the lens for SVA, still there 20yrs later and still legal.

    half the lit surface = a pass, the full lit surface = a fail- crazy.

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    I used some thick black paint (hammerite probably) and covered inside the bottom 40% of the front lenses - passed no problem and thinners on a stiff brush got the paint out later. All a bit pointless as I then changed for amber bulbs and clear lenses. It's an easy thing to measure and an easy fail if you don't get the height right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by methoni View Post
    If i keep jacking the lower collar this must increase
    the stiffness of the ride which could be a problem.
    Winding up the spring will not change the stiffness. When you jack up the lower spring mount this movement is simply passed on to the top of the spring hence ride height lifted the compressed spring will remain the same lenght. That is the case until you top out the shock, now the spring is confined, can't increase in length and is "pre-loaded" now this pre-load has to be overcome before the spring/shock/susspension can compress so it feels stiffer but in reality the spring rate did not change.
    I'd be more worried about losing shock extension motion though, but as this is only being done to pass the test and you're not expecting to run the car like that then its a non-problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by methoni View Post
    I cant see what the purpose of this 350 mm height for indicators achieves, but i suppose rules are rules.

    I suppose there has to be a value otherwise someone would put indicators down at floor level where they are not visible. Probably would have been better spec'd to define where the visible light should be rather than where it should not be.
    Unfortunatly one universal constant is that rule makers tend to be not very good at making rules!

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    My re-test and pass was yesterday, they advised me to black out lower half of front indicators.

    Does seem bloody stupid as you reduce visibility by 50%.

    Lenses are plastic and the black needs to be permanent, if they suspect tape that could be removed after the test it will fail.

    I painted mine with black aerosol inside and out which they were obviously pleased with.

    I did not even attempt to remove and clean black off after test as being plastic thinners would ruin lenses anyway.

    I bought 2 new clear lenses of eBay delivered for £6.50 the pair, so not worth messing about trying to clean them.

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