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    Strange earth problem

    So just found a really strange earth problem and can't figure it out -on my AK gen 2.
    I'd finished the wiring on the dash and everything was working fine. I noticed that I'd temporarily connected the earth cable that is on the loom by the steering to one of the bolts in the floor - in the manual it says to drill and tap the scuttle and connect this earth there, so did that last night as last job and locked up.
    This evening when I turned key to start car nothing happened - only a couple of lights on. No whir from the fuel pump. So looked for loose connections etc nothing. Then the fuel pump kicked in. Then stopped. This went on for a while. I eventually realised that the pump starting was coinciding with me standing in the car (passenger side, no seats in yet). Initial thought was trapped fuel pump wire but checked and all was okay. After a lot of head scratching and checking things all to no avail, I decided to connect the earth back to the bolt in the floor - and it all worked again.
    I've checked continuity between the hole I drilled in the scuttle and the chassis and there's no earth, but when I press down on passenger floor pan there is an earth then.
    So any ideas why I've go no earth on the scuttle? And why does pressing the floor pan fix it?


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    It's been a long while since I wired mine. I ran a length of 35mm battery cable from the chassis rail to a big brass earth block bolted to the scuttle frame and run all my dash earth to that. Maybe overkill on the size but hey ho.
    No earth problems.


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    The Scuttle is bonded to the body. It mounts to the chassis by the body to chassis bolts in each side cill area.

    It could be that it’s not making a contact through the scuttle metal to chassis metal until you stand in the car.

    Never had it happen myself but that’s my thought on it.

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    Pete, the bolts that go through the floor, 4 of them, May not be giving you the earth from the chassis up to the scuttle frame.

    Did you remove the fibreglass from the top that bolts down and clean back to bare metal?
    Did you remove some of the powder coat underneath so the washer sits on bare steel?

    Don had a similar problem, he drilled and tapped a hole a couple of inches ahead of the front bolt, another hole tapped on the vertical box section.he then took a very large earth wire, crimped 8mm ends on and bolted it down, you don't see it behind the fibreglass panel.

    Solved his earth problem.

    I should be round Sunday night I will stand in the passenger side to see if a fatter bloke makes a difference!!!!

    .............never drive faster than your guardian angel. - this is the link to my build photo's you have to put w w w . h t t p : / / in front of it!!

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