I’m always seeing the light of any dark tunnel and the current pandemic is no exception. I have just emailed Brooklands Museum to enquire about CRC members making a group visit in our Cobras, with parking on-site once it is safe and legal to do so when they reopen. I have also enquired whether a workshop tour would be possible. Big if’s at the moment but wondering if
1, the CRC have done this before, and
2, who would be up for it?

It’s a Mecca for car and aviation enthusiasts alike not to mention the iconic banks of the remains of the worlds first purpose built motor racing track. To be able to stand on the bank and visualise the ghosts of race cars passing you as they thunder round is an experience in itself.
The museum isn’t just about cars and aviation, it’s also about science on a massive scale. For those who have never been, it’s a great day out and I’m sure that those who have been will agree.

Your thoughts?