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    I used 2 x GS8-18-220-280 at 50N in the boot and 2 x GS8-18-350-400 at 80 N for the bonnet, all from SGS Engineering. They are stiff to lift when cold so you might get away with slightly less force, but they hold well. Best to use gasstruts in pairs.
    Normal position at rest is piston higher than rod to keep the seals oiled. Put some heatproof sleeving over the bonnet struts to help resist drying out from exhaust heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1d View Post

    Supply chains of good seem to be in disarray. Looking at the channel crossing for parts from Europe the government have brought in a comapny to help out the back log.

    Just had an email for a quote from the USA and he says there suppliers have increased there prices due to the pandemic so passing it onto the customers as companies can only do to keep in business.
    The price increase is 50% ! So that pipe dream is now canned.

    I think U.K. manufacturers and suppliers will look inside the U.K. for suppliers.

    Hope you have not lost any money with the wedding company. I friend has moved her wedding dates twice so far now in August 21. New invitations sent and all the rebooking that goes with it. Good luck.

    Container rates from far east have gone from around £3-4k up to £8.5-12k for a 40ft in a matter of months. The reduction in manufacturing in Europe plus high European demand has meant they can't rely on backloads so we're effectively paying to ship an empty container back to the far east on top.

    Not a major issue if you are shipping electronics for example where one container may hold 200k+ in value. We're bringing in containers with about £25k worth of goods in them so it represents approx 33% cost increase. Anything made in the Far East with a low value to size is going up big time in the short term. Anyone looked on AO recently for white goods?! Loads of lines out of stock
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