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    Hello from an interloper.

    We've just moved to the area (between Stroud and Cirencester) and wanting to get a bit more involved with fellow cobra owners. Obv when lockdown etc are over, are there regular meet-ups or gatherings in the area? Also looking for good mechanics etc. as I don't really want to slog 2 hours back to the old hunting ground. Though it would be a good excuse for a drive!

    Any help/advice/guidance welcome!


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    Hi Zac. I’m not so far from you (North Cotswolds) and run your way regularly. If you ever want to meet up just PM me. Gerry Spiller will be your area rep, details should be on the UK website.
    The Classic Car Hub on Bibury Airfield (the other side of Cirencester to you) is a great meet up point, it’s opening again soon. I often just call in there for a coffee, a look around and a chat with whoever is there! Always good stuff to look at.
    I have a mate with a garage in Fairford. Family operation, both are Chevy V8 racers and also run a customised Chevy pickup, so if you need any engine work (or anything else) would be worth a shout. RNS Motors.

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