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    I've got a edelbrock carb and standard fuel pump.

    Yeah I have a D35M11 modern distributor.

    I'm close to being ready for IVA but got a few things to do first, aside from this engine issue.

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    Getting close to IVA is stressful! How long have you been working on it?

    I was advised to start with the fuel side. Get a bit of pipe and fuel hose to extend the fuel line. Disconnect the feed to the carb, add it on and pump whatever is in the tank into cans. Put it in your daily driver and get some fresh petrol in tank.
    This checks the fuel pump is running steady and clears out anything in the lines so you know you have a good flow and good fuel at the carb. I don't think the tank needs to be completely empty but a lot of what is in there will come loose when you start to drive it so running through 5-10 litres of fresh petrol won't hurt.
    Before you connect it back up to the carb, change the fuel filter.

    The other easy check was to put another Earth strap on the engine and check the existing terminals of the ones on there (and the gearbox if you can still see it).

    Assuming its turning over on the starter and just not lighting up (damn it!), is it turning over much slower than before or about the same?

    RV8, Sierra based Viper.
    I'm sure if I give it enough love it will, someday, love me back!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdavies3 View Post
    If you removed the dizzy cap, did you remove the leads from the the cap too?
    You might have simply mixed up the leads?
    Double check your leads against the firing order and correct rotation.
    Have you damaged the rotor arm?
    As Kev said, it almost sounds as if you've got two of the eight plug leads swapped. But you said it idled evenly when it was running, so perhaps not ?

    Good luck,


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