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Thread: Engine numbers

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    Engine numbers

    I have a set of numbers cast on the rear of my sbc, the numbers are as follows GM 5.7LG D088 14093638 On the plate that needs to be attached to the chassis which contains the manufacture and engine number i need to stamp the engine number which i presume to be the last set ie 14093638 is this the correct assumption, i would have thought that the engine number would have been stamped not cast in which case where is the engine number.
    Any advice appreciated.

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    The engine type numbers are cast as they identify what the engine is and can be used for. For example, 2 bolt main, 4 bolt main or either, age range, etc. The actual engine number, you are correct. It should be stamped on a small smoothed part of the casting and contains quite a few numbers and letters. You may need to get some scotch brite or fine wet and dry to reveal the number.

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    As said previously you don't need the engine no. on the chassis or chassis VIN plate.
    The engine no. is often stamped on the machined face of the block (if it hasn't been skimmed off previously).
    It won't be a cast no. that will be a casting code.
    If you don't have an engine number due to it being machined off previously you can stamp one on.
    It needs to be visible and recorded on your IVA and registration paperwork.
    You can stamp it on a plate then permanently bond it to the block.
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