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When tested for IVA there was a very strong smell of fuel, breather pipe was extended to underside of vehicle as requested by tester as no leaks could be found, however.....

I removed fuel tank to make seat belt support to meet IVA standards and noticed what the problem was.

The top of fuel tank showed staining as a result of poor fitting rubber connection pipe from tank to filler cap.

Note the rubber connection was secured with very tight jubilee clips and when in place you would not think it was the problem, but this still allowed fuel to seep past and cause a smell in boot.

I cured mine by putting some rubber tape around fuel tank neck, so that hose could just fit over it, then tight jubilee clip... no more problems
Glad you got it sorted. I did wonder if the hose on mine is the culprit. It’s been on a few years now and although it looks alright I can’t see what’s going on around the back of it or under the jubilee clips as you found.