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    TKO 600 \ 500 to Smiths Speedo

    I would like to make use of the electronic speedo option in my TKO 600 gearbox, instead of having to install a sensor near my prop shaft.

    The speedo port is on the drivers side of the gearbox and is a plug (facing upwards) with two connectors in it.
    The cable to plug into this can be bought from Roadcraft etc for approx £25, or others have used couple female bullets and then filled with silicon.

    Apparently one connection can be earthed and the other connection goes to the sensor wire on the back of the Smiths dial.

    Thats pretty much all the info I have got, but would really appreciate someone that had actually done this to tell me exactly what to do, because there is other info
    that suggests I may need a converter, to convert from 8000 pulses a second to 32000 pulses or similar, and of course the dip switches on Smiths speedo may need adjustment.

    I think did this and possibly 'cabo' but no one actually posted the solution

    Thank you for any information

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    Hi Russ,
    that sounds about right to me. (For the wiring at least).
    Last one I did was a T56 which will be similar. I don't recall needing any converters.

    My current build with a T5, I'm using an aftermarket speed signal generator which a 3 wire one.
    I'll be using the same type of Smiths electronic speedo again this time.
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    Hi Russ

    I have a TKO600 gearbox and a Smiths speedo and I wired it exactly how you said. One to earth and one to speedo.
    I brought the plug to fit the port.
    I did not need a converter. I’ve just had it calibrated by a local garage and it works fine.

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    Hi Russ - I have the Tremec box and I got the connectors from Ron Francis wiring in the US - very helpful.
    PG-055 for the reverse light ($19.95)
    PG-096 for the speedo sensor ($7.99)

    I have ETB gauges but the calculations are easy; I just set the correct number in my speedo and it was perfect at IVA, just 1 or 2 mph away all the way to 70.

    Speedo calibration was tyre rotations per mile x diff ratio x 12 = 776 x 2.88 x 12 = 26820

    good luck.

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    I have now had a chance to test.
    First I set the DIP switches on the rear of the speedo for 8 valves and Wasted Spark as per included instructions.
    Unfortunately the speedo jumps to 40mph and then measures the speed from there, so I need to revisit the instructions, and make it start at zero instead.

    Alternatively, I think I understood that the ECU can be adjusted so may need to drop Canems a message

    @Roy - is there any chance you know what your dip switches are set to ?


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    ok so I was confusing rev counter with speedo. Rev counter uses dip switches and is fine.

    Speedo is set or configured by pushing in trip reset button whilst turning on power. You can then cycle between manual input of the PPU or by driving a measured mile.

    To do the manually input the code you must have the amount of revolutions of the gearbox shaft x dif x revolutions wheel makes over a mile or km (this is a separate calculation)
    Lots of googling makes me think the TKO600 does 17 revolutions (couple of sites say 12 but think they are confused with Ford).

    However I think I am just going to drive a measured mile and see where that gets me. The code will then be set and I will share for anyone else with similar setup,

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    Passed Iva on 4/6/21 and Speedo read 4mph under each of the 5 speed tests.

    Initially I tried programming by driving a set mile which initially seemed quite accurate. The code was: 33258

    However I then decided to do the more accurate ‘maths’ way which was very accurate.
    I have tko600 gear box and 17 inch wheels and 3.54 differential.
    First is inches in mile divided by inches diameter of tyre. 12 is revolutions of gearbox (or something)

    63,360 divided by 78.45=807.64
    807.64 x 3.54 = 2859.07
    2859.07 x 12= 34308

    34308 is the code I used.

    Will do better instructions on


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