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I wouldn't get too worried about it, but if you are, it doesn't take much effort
to sort it.
I've just done mine on my SR cobra, you don't need heavy gauge wire to carry
out the work as there is no high current involved with static electricity.
What I would add, as you have mentioned the fuel sender unit earthing,
mine is insulated earth return so would have no effect on the metal fuel tank earth .
As a guess I would think most are insulated earth return and not the normal standard
earth return units.
I have had my cob for over twenty years as well, so this thread has prompted me to
do it !
Thanks to all those who have bought this to my attention.

That's a good point, I've always had a cable from my filler to the tank, although I don't fully understand this it said to do it in the build notes and who am I to argue. The tank would have originally been grounded (to the car) via the sender, no dedicated ground.
I realised recently that since I've changed my gauge sender I don't have this ground so have now added a ground line from the loom to the tank.