Bit of a long shot , but need some help with a Dax Tojeiro Late 90's build , where the electrics have developed a curious fault, lost most feeds to the fuse block from what I can tell?

The fans and horn have lost power , plus other odd things like hazards (but indicators work)

Trouble is there is no build manual with it , the wiring is certainly NOT this :-


I cannot find a Fan relay anywhere , and wires going to the thermo switch are the same colours as the headlights (Light BLU /White) & a very thin black and white ..possibly earth for the mystical relay??

I don't even know if DAX supplied looms in those days , or if there were different versions of the loom pre 2011, but something to give me a clue would be great !

If you have photocopies, or scanned images even better ?

I'm trying to get the car on the road in order we can commemorate the owner who sadly passed away recently !