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    Hi Darren, you are in the area of The East Midlands Cobra Club Region. You would be very welcome to come along to our monthly meets which are about to start again. Please mail me on

    Quote Originally Posted by Carsnjets View Post
    I've agreed a deal on a DAX Cobra (part built) , still needs a lot doing to finish it but built to a very high standard so far, will collect in a few weeks time (will give me chance to re-arrange the garage and paint the floor).
    Will then be back on the forum no doubt with lots of build questions.

    Cheers Darren
    Joint Area Rep - East Midlands Region
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carsnjets View Post
    I have owned a very nice TVR Griffith 500, and I'm a little worried that the cobra could be similar to this, it looked great, sounded great and was quite fast but very dangerous, a pebble mid corner could put you in a ditch and hard acceleration on a straight road (that's slightly damp ) could have you facing the wrong way!.
    OF COURSE it’s going to be similar to that....big engine, light car, no traction control.....originals were called “Widowmakers” in period for good reason, and many replicas have even more power.....maybe you should consider a Renault Twizzy?
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