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Thread: Coincidence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigkev38 View Post
    Took the baffles out this morning but made no difference so at least I've ruled that out. Changing the plugs, distributer cap and rotor now as they haven't been changed in a few years so could do with upgrading anyway. After that I will change the leads but having trouble sourcing some that are long enough.
    If you can, I would buy a roll of ht cable and make your own,
    that's what I did .
    You will need the proper Ripaults hand crimped tool to do a good job .
    If you can't find someone with one you can borrow mine if that's any use.

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    That sounds like a good idea Chris, thank you.
    After changing all the plugs and checking the leads and distributor we concluded that the problem was not with ignition. We then took the carb out, stripped it down and cleaned every last part. Put it all back together and what do you know, its running perfectly again. Put the baffles back in this morning as that was clearly nothing to do with it. Thanks for all your help as always.

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