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    350Chevy 4sp Muncie for 351W and Tremec

    I am currently running a 350Chevy with 4sp Muncie gearbox in my Dax and am wanting to swap this powertrain for a 351W mated to 5sp Tremec. Does anyone have experience of the modification I am going to have to make. I imagine that the engine mounting locations and design will have to be changed. Is the shift lever position on the Tremec much different from the Muncie? (I don't want to have to modify the trans tunnel if I can help it). Any help will be gratefully received.

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    RE: 350Chevy 4sp Muncie for 351W and Tremec

    Hi Pat, and welcome to the forum.
    I think you should give Dax a call and explain what you want to do.
    I'm sure they'll be able to advise.
    I think you are correct in that the engine mounts will need to move on the chassis, probably not much though.
    You could also give Dave Brookes a call (DB Replicas)
    He will almost certainly have built both engine types at some point.

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