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    Pilgrim Sumo Front hubs

    Can any one throw any opinions on my front hubs,
    at full droop on axle stands I cannot turn my stub axles from left to right.
    Tony said "dont take of over hump back bridges and you will be all right"

    Does any one else confirm this is o.k ????


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    RE: Pilgrim Sumo Front hubs

    Dont worry about it , At full droop the top ball joints run out of articulation it no really a problem/ Lots of other production car do as well. I agonised over it for weeks I even desigined and made stops to but didn't fit them. You can solve by shotening the spindle on the shockers not an easy job or you can cut out the plate on the wish bone that holds the bottom end of the shocker and weld it underneath the A arm. This allows the shocker to use all its travel. In the end I did nothing the cars doe 4500 miles and no problems. However you must tell the Guy at the MOT to jack the cat up from under the a arms to take the load off otherwise the steering feels awfull when its taken from lock to lock. Read Bobs cob I went into great detail on the subject in reality its not a problem unless you live In Sanfransisco and drive like Ltnt Bullet

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